Boudoir and Modeling Photography in Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Nevada!



One of my favorite types of photography is Beauty and Boudoir. The Reno, Lake Tahoe area is home to some of the most beautiful locations for outdoor modeling photos. With this incredible weather we are having, Lake Tahoe is perfect for creating an incredible modeling portfolio. All to often I see photographs taken for up and coming models locally that lack the proper lighting, lack the proper composition, and lack the creative edge to really set your photos apart from everyone else’s. It is not because other photographers are not good people, or do not have the desire to do well. Simply put, it is generally because they lack the experience, lack the education, or lack the creativity to really unlock the potential in the model. You really do get what you pay for. I encourage you to visit my website and check out my Beauty and Boudoir section to see if you would like to add some of my photography to your portfolio.


For all you ladies out there looking to give your significant other a unique gift for a birthday  or anniversary, nothing is more personal, sexy, and fun than a boudoir photography session.  Rather than just taking another set of  boudoir photos that has been done in the exact same  studio setting as the last person.  Why not contact me at  and we can talk about finding a unique sexy location that differentiates your boudoir photos from everyone else’s. Or give me a call at 1-800-208-0072 or 775-525-1499!