Wedding Photography Ideas


Weddings are a fun way to celebrate the love between two people and their families and friends. If you’re getting married in the near future, and would like your photos to reflect your personality, I have listed some of the most creative and fun wedding photography ideas for you to use.

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Wedding Photography staples, such as the first kiss as a married couple, are must-haves for your collection.


Fuel Your Wedding Photography Ideas

  • Reflections – The use of reflections in photos can create unique and fun images. You may want to consider photographing your wedding party near a lake. Not only will you benefit from the natural beauty, but the reflection you capture in the water can create a dynamic image. Mirrors are another creative way to capture reflections. Rather than capture an image head on, try capturing the reflection in a mirror instead. The end result can be rather beautiful and unexpected.
  • Before And After – Some of the best wedding images captured are when the bride and bridesmaids are preparing. You can often capture special moments that are often missed between the bride and those around her during this time. These types of shots can also be used to capture the fun and whimsy that often takes place when a large group of women are together.
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Capturing intimate moments before and after the wedding ceremony creates memorable wedding images for you and your guests.

  • Family – The family of the bride and groom should not be left out of the fun. There are many creative ways in which you can stage the family surrounding the couple. Create a circle to signify their love for each other, or a heart to show how much the couple is loved.
  • Silly Poses – While your wedding photography may be a formal affair, there is always room for fun. Taking photos with your wedding party in which you are posing, in the silliest way possible, makes for some fun and unforgettable images. These are often the photos from the wedding that become the favorite among all involved.
  • Unique Locations – Your wedding photos do not have to be limited to the venue at which you were married. Take a little time and visit some unique locations that will provide an intriguing backdrop to your wedding attire. You can choose locations that complement or contrast the elegance of the day.
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The whole wedding does not have to be so formal! Have some fun with your bride and groom to make some unforgettable images of this special day!

 Tell Me Your Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding photography is at its best when a mutual trust is shared between the wedding couple and the photographer, and Marcello Rostagni Photography prides itself on helping your dream images come to life. If you have ideas for wedding photos share them with me! Contact me for a one-on-one consultation today!