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What Is Boudoir Photography?


Boudoir Photography has once again become a popular alternative to standard photo shoots. These types of photographs are designed to create a classy, seductive photo alluding to what is not being shown.

Boudoir Photography Reno

Reno Photographer Marcello Rostagni photographs beautiful glamour model Sara Carlson with 1966 Ford F100 Rat Rod Truck.

Boudoir photography has caught the eyes of brides and brides-to-be looking for that unique and personal gift to present to their future husbands. This is a great gift idea that will help capture the love and beauty present in that special time of their lives.

Get Creative with Boudoir Photography

Not only is boudoir photography ideal for future brides, it is also a great type of photo for models to include in their portfolios. In addition to the typical head shots that are a mandatory part of every model’s portfolio, boudoir photos allow them to show their sexy and romantic sides. For models looking to add that special touch that can help them get noticed, boudoir photos may be just the thing.

Making Models Comfortable for Boudoir Photography

Many women are hesitant to try boudoir photography because they may feel that it could be uncomfortable. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The setting for boudoir photography is relaxed and designed to make the client as comfortable as possible.

Beauty and Glamour Photography Reno

Creating a comfortable atmosphere is one of the most important elements of Beauty and Glamour photography.

The photographer will not ask for any poses or clothing choices that will make the client uncomfortable. After all, the purpose of boudoir photography is to capture you at your most comfortable and relaxed state, that is why there is no pressure placed on any client.

Stepping Into The Studio

When you choose to participate in a boudoir photo session, you will most likely do so at the studio of the photographer. However, in some cases the photographer is willing to travel to a location that you may have in mind for your photos.

All of the locations, props, and clothing should be discussed prior to the appointment. This will ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page. The photographer you choose to work with will likely have extensive experience in this particular photography style. They understand that many women are not comfortable in this situation and will go out of their way to ensure that you are as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Creative Boudoir Photography Reno

Adding unique lighting and creative splashes of color is one way to boost your glamour shoot.

Ready to Try Boudoir Photography?

If you’ve always wanted to try boudoir photography but are not sure it is right for you, call us at Marcello Rostagni Photography. We have worked with first-time models all the way up to professionals, making it easy to discuss what will fit your needs. Book a consultation meeting to begin creating your ideal photo shoot today!