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Models and Bottles UV 2012 Pictures!


What an amazing birthday I had!! It’s not everyday you get  to see so many great friends, family and party people all in one place!  I am so thankful I got to spend my night photographing 10 lovely ladies under the black lights of www.EDGEofRENO.com  for my Models and Bottles UV party!

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the photos of our ladies.  The rest of the photos will be viewable at www.marcellorostagni.com/SpecialEvents some of them will only be seen at that link so stop by and take a look!

I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone that came out and supported all of our lovely ladies.  A special thanks to Mike Cowan, Bobby Whirlwind, Lindzie St. Martin, Travis Ramos, Angela Rostagni, Dj Chris English and the entire Edge/Peppermill staff that made this night possible.  As promised here are few of the pictures I took of our lovely ladies click on the photos to see a larger version or view the hi res pictures at this link www.marcellorostagni.com/SpecialEvents  , enjoy!