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Reno Wedding Photographer captures Rancharrah Wedding

As a Reno Wedding Photographer  one of the more beautiful locations to photograph a couple in town is definitely Rancharrah.   There are multiple stunning scenic areas all over the property to capture the bride and groom on their special day.  The whole venue presents like something out of a fairy tale; complete with its own amazing mansion.  One […]

Fitness Photography Reno, NV of USA team Martial Artist

Fitness Photography is one of the areas of photography I am most passionate about.  It speaks to me on a personal level as physical fitness has been a part of my life from a young age.  Being a small kid in high school isn’t easy.  I turned to martial arts and weight training at a young age […]

Reno Photographer Photographs for Draft Magazine

As a Reno photographer there are many great restaurants and bars that I have the opportunity to provide photography services for as well as many great local magazines that feature stories on all the amazing local businesses Northern Nevada has to offer.  About this time last year I was able to create some editorial photography for Draft […]

Destination Wedding Photography from the Playa!

Wedding Photography is truly one of the most important types of photography anyone will ever invest in.  Documenting the love that two people share is one of my favorite parts of my profession as a professional portrait and wedding photographer.  Wedding Photography is also one of the only things you truly get to keep after the […]

Capture Bridal Portraits in Perfect Light

  When it comes to bridal portraits, every bride wants theirs to be unique. When photographing a blushing bride, I strive to create portraits that not only incorporate natural light, but off camera flash as well in order to create a one-of-a-kind bridal portrait. The moment that you sit radiant, beautiful, and full of joy and […]

Wedding Photography Ideas

Weddings are a fun way to celebrate the love between two people and their families and friends. If you’re getting married in the near future, and would like your photos to reflect your personality, I have listed some of the most creative and fun wedding photography ideas for you to use.   Fuel Your Wedding Photography […]

Tips for Better Glamour Photography

Glamour photography has reached new heights in popularity in the photography world and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite styles to shoot. Whether the purpose of the images is for commercial use or simply to add to your portfolio, there are some ways in which you can ensure that the shots you take are the […]

What Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography has once again become a popular alternative to standard photo shoots. These types of photographs are designed to create a classy, seductive photo alluding to what is not being shown. Boudoir photography has caught the eyes of brides and brides-to-be looking for that unique and personal gift to present to their future husbands. This […]

Ferrigno Legacy Show is a Fitness Photographer’s Dream

My Thanksgiving weekend was atypical to most given that I traded heaping plates of leftover turkey for a chance to spend a couple days with some of the strictest dieters in the world, and the Ferrigno Legacy Show did not disappoint. The stage lights of the historic Granada Theatre displayed some of the world’s premier […]

Bellator MMA Weigh Ins 4 3 2014 Reno, NV Minakov vs. Kongo

I couldn’t be more excited for the Bellator MMA fights on Friday April 4th, 2014!  I will be photographing the Bellator MMA Heavyweight World Championship in Reno, NV!  Tonight I photographed the weigh ins over at the Silver Legacy.  All the fighters looked ready to bring their best performances in the cage. Reno Photographer Marcello […]